Top 5: Favorite YouTubers

I have an actual obsession for YouTube videos and I’ve had it or awhile now so I’ve come to know a lot of different styles, personalities, and content. Obviously everyone’s tastes are different but I think a lot of people probably want the same thing, someone who is genuine, fun to watch, and entertaining. I feel like those are pretty universal musts for a YouTube creator.

1. KKandBabyJ

I love these vloggers because they are truly the kindest and most genuine people I have ever seen. They are people too that everything you see on camera is who they are and you never see any bad comments about them. It’s nice cause it’s just them doing life and you get to be apart of it!

2. Michelle Reed

I just recently found her but I haven’t stopped watching her since! I am always looking for a new video from her! She is all about lifestyle, fashion, God, friends, family, and school. I think I love watching her because we can relate on so many different topics and it’s nice to feel like there is other people like me.

3. Casey Holmes

I’ve watched her for YEARS now and I still love her just as much. She’s so independent, down to earth, and talented at so many things. She motivates me to do so many things and when I watch her videos I kind of feel like I’m just chatting with a friend! Her and her husband are so dang sweet too and she has some adorable pups!

4. Abby Asselin

I just started watching her a couple months ago and I relate to her so hard! She is in a business major the same as me and does a lot of university videos which I love watching. She gives me motivation to do my own school work, be healthy, and have fun!

5. Jinti Fell

She’s very different from the other people I watch on YouTube because of her lifestyle and values in general but I love watching her because it helps me open my brain and think of things in a different way. Her, her husband, and daughter were previously traveling the world in a van and just really did life happily while living with the most minimal stuff. I think it’s really cool what they’re doing and I hope I’m just as happy as them one day!

These are my favorite Youtube creators by far and I think you all should give them a try! They each offer something completely different so I’m positive you can find one you like! Leave a comment with your favorite people to watch on YouTube!


14 thoughts on “Top 5: Favorite YouTubers

  1. I have watched Casey for absolute yonks too and I still really enjoy her content — she has such a great personality and I love that she has oily skin, I really trust her opinion on products. Fleur de Force is an OG YouTuber whom I still enjoy watching!

    Lovely post! x



  2. I haven’t seen a good list of Youtubers to follow! I don’t spend very much time on the platform so without a good place to start I just tend to ignore it. This is helpful!


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