How To Nail That Job Interview

I thought this would be a great topic to talk about because no matter what your age you’re going to have to do a job interview at some point in your life. If you are anything like the rest of the world, you probably get super anxious about them. I’ve done a couple in my life so far and I’ve gotten each job! Obviously, that doesn’t mean a lot but it does show that I must be doing something right!

First of all, you want to make sure your outfit is comfortable but professional. I really regret wearing uncomfortable pants and shoes to my first interview because it made me more nervous than I was. I was super self-conscious of how I looked and how it looked to them that it made me a little distracted. You want to make sure it’s comfortable because it gives you one less thing to worry about and will make you more confident. When you look good, you feel good.

Look up the most basic interview questions and practice your answers to them. Obviously, you don’t want them to sound completely memorized or rehearsed because that will feel less authentic and the people interviewing you won’t get a good feel for who you really are. But, practicing them and having an idea of what you want to say is a great idea to best highlight the wanted skills.

Leave your phone in your purse and either shut down or on silent. There is nothing worse than being in an interview and your phone goes off. Honestly, I think it shows just how meticulous you aren’t because you couldn’t even remember to shut off your phone. Plus, if it happened it could throw off the whole interview!

Make sure you research the company you’re interviewing for so you know what they’re looking for and are able to pinpoint the skills you have and correlate them to what they want. It’s all about selling yourself to the company but making sure you’re selling the exact skills they are looking for.

Have some questions ready to ask the interviewer. Doing this makes you stand out from the other candidates because you have thought enough about the job to even have them formed. This seems a little silly but it’s true! But also keep in mind that asking questions just to ask them isn’t helpful either. Make sure they are thoughtful and relevant to the job.

This one is most important. Be confident in yourself and your skills. If during the interview you portray confidence you’re going to look even more attractive to the company because you look like you can handle a hard situation and you are confident in your ability to do the job. Nobody is going to hire you if you don’t even know if you can do the job.

Bring multiple copies of your resume, portfolio, or related work pieces to every interview. You truly never know how many people will be there and it always looks good when you’re prepared. It shows a skill you have without even having to talk about it! It does the hard part for you.

This part is after the interview but my last piece of advice is always send a thank you! This puts the cherry on top

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