Top 5: Reasons I Love My Classic Wooden JORD Watch

I received my JORD watch in the mail a couple days ago and I’m still awing over it. It’s truly a classic staple to have in my jewelry box to add to every look I’m wearing. I can wear it when I’m going out to a fancy place, heading for pizza, or studying in the library. It’s classic look makes me feel so elegant and I love that a single piece does that! I picked the Cassia watch with Walnut & Vintage Rose colors because the pink popped but it was still neutral enough to wear with any outfit and any occasion. The giveaway is sponsored by JORD. All opinions are my own. 

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I wanted to give you 5 reasons why I l love my watch so much because everyone deserves to have a classic staple piece in their wardrobe!

  1. The Large Variation of Color Choices

I’m not kidding you when I tell you I had the hardest time choosing which one I wanted because there were so many different colors! Navy, pink, brown, creme, rose, gold, black, are some of the few classic colors they offer. I know for sure any person can find the one that fits their style best!

2. They Make Men’s & Women’s Watches

This is awesome because it gives a great gift idea for anyone. It’s perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or a special occasion and with the large color scale it’s bound to be loved by everyone!

3.  They Can Engrave Them

Okay this makes this brand even better! It can make any gift even more thoughtful and make your watch even more personal! It can give you a reminder of something each day which I love! I engraved mine with “be still” because it’s something I often forget to do!


4.   They Go With Everything

I’m someone who likes to add pieces to my collection that can be paired with absolutely everything. I don’t like to only be able to wear something certain times or with certain outfits because it limits my style.

5. There Is A 1 Year Warranty

I think this puts them in the top market for a watch because who doesn’t love knowing they’re covered for awhile after they’ve spent a good chunk of money on something? I know I do!

There are a million reasons I could give you to check out their site but I’m hoping these 5 will do the job! The best part about this post is I’m teaming up with JORD to offer a JORD watch giveaway!!! One lucky winner will receive a $100 shopping spree on their site but everyone gets a discount code just for entering! How awesome?! Good luck & share pictures of your new watch!


Emily Elizabeth

Wooden Wrist Watch

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