Things You Need To Bring To Your Dorm You Might Forget

As college is approaching I bet a lot of you incoming freshman are thinking well what do I even need in my dorm?! Should I just buy everything?! Stores are stocking shelves with hundreds of items making it even more confusing for you to know what you actually need. Don’t worry, I’ve lived it and have gone through the whole thing myself! I’m here to tell you what you really need in your dorm! Now I lived in a suite style dorm so I didn’t use a community bathroom – if you are you may need a few extra things here that aren’t here! Here you go!

  1. Fan – Girl you’re for sure gonna need that. Most dorms do not have air conditioning and you’ll be dying.
  2. Comforter – Bring one that’s comfortable and cute! Makes living away from home easier!
  3. Comfortable Seating (bean bag or fluffy chair) – For when friends come over or just another place to sit and do homework to change it up!
  4. Space Saving Hangers – These things are a God send. If you have a ton of clothes like me you’re going to want these because those dorm closets are SMALL.
  5. Air Freshener – This goes for the bathroom and bedroom! The space is so dang small so any gross odor is 100 times worse!
  6. Medicine – I was stupid and didn’t really think of this and it SUCKED when I got my first cold and realized I didn’t have anything to help me! When you’re that sick you don’t feel like going out and getting any either.
  7. Power Strip – So most dorm lists will say you can’t bring them but you can just hide them if your RA is doing room checks. The worst that will happen is you’ll get written up but who cares! So worth being able to plug in everything you need to!
  8. Body Mirror – Most dorms don’t have a large mirror and trust me, you’ll want one. You gotta check your outfit before you leave!
  9. 2 Professional Outfits – You never know when you’re going to need it. There are so many opportunities that come up during school and its nice to have it on hand!
  10. Lamp – It’s nice to have some softer light when you need it without keeping on the whole room light, especially if your roommate is trying to sleep!
  11. Bedside Caddy – If your bed is lofted this thing is awesome! They are so cheap too and have lots of pockets to store everything! Your phone, book, chapstick, lotion, and more!
  12. Stapler – I forgot one for the first while of school and it made things so difficult! So many things you hand in have to be stapled and it’s always annoying when you have to go into class a couple minutes early to find a stapler to use! Much easier to have your own.
  13. Sleep Mask –  This is so nice to have if your roommate does have their lamp on and you’re trying to sleep! This is a win-win for everyone! It also helps get a better sleep!
  14. Clorox Wipes – It’s super easy to clean everything!! Plus they smell good.


These are most the things that I wish I would have known to bring when I moved in my freshman year! I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to message!


Emily Elizabeth

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