Top 5: College Backpack Essentials

After two years of college I’ve come to learn the importance of always being prepared and how much better your life is when you are. College comes with a lot of crazy obstacles that pop up and if you’re ready for them they can never ruin your day or throw you for a loop. I’ve been in those instances where you’re like, “crap, wish I had that” or “I would kill to have that right now” or “dude, I will pay you $5 for that” and I’m here to make sure you never have to go through that!

  1. Phone Charger

Now, you might think this is obvious but I always use to think, oh I’ll never need it or my battery will last till I get home but it’s the absolute worst when it doesn’t! Especially if you end up using it a lot more than you normally do. It’s just best if you have one on hand for any instance! You never know what could come up and you might not be able to get home till 10 p.m. and that would suck to have a dead phone! You would also be surprised how much you use your phone in college. Sometimes you answer lecture questions with it or look up answers (shhh it’s not cheating it’s surviving).

2. Ibuprofen

Or whatever type of medicine you use for headaches or cramps! I’ve been in so many situations where my head hurts so bad I can’t concentrate on a lecture or I can’t look at my computer screen another second and that’s the worst when you only have a certain amount of time to finish an assignment or the lecture is really important. I don’t know how many times I have texting my friends begging them to bring me ibuprofen or praying they have some in their bag. So, instead of hoping and begging, just have your own!

3. Planner

Sometimes I would forget my planner back in the dorm cause I thought I just wouldn’t need it that day or I only had one class and I wouldn’t be gone long enough to need it but I was usually very wrong. You just really never know when you’re going to need to write down a deadline, reminder, or assignment instructions and usually if you don’t write it down right away you forget about it and that’s never good! Even if you do remember to write it down later on you usually don’t remember all of the details and that can get confusing. So, just stay productive and keep your planner with you!

4. Headphones

I can tell you from personal experience that forgetting my headphones is possibly the worst thing you can do. I’m someone who often listens to music, podcasts, or videos on my phone/laptop during the day and when I forget my headphones I can’t do any of those things. It’s seriously such a simple thing so don’t forget them! Or even easier, get a pair for your room and one for your backpack that way you aren’t “forgetting” to put them back in your bag!

5. Chapstick

GIRL. Nobody likes dry lips and personally if my lips are really chapped and hurting I can’t focus on anything else and that proposes a huge problem. So instead of having to run home or to your car for your chapstick just make sure you always have one in your backpack! Like the headphones, I usually have chapsticks in each area of my life so that I’m never forgetting to put it back somewhere. I have one for my room, car, and backpack. It’s so simple but so important.

Those are my top essentials in my backpack at college and for me, each one of these things is so necessary for a good day. If I forget one of these things my day can turn around upside down so fast and when you’re in college it’s important to try and make your days the best they can be especially when it’s things that are in your control. I hope you find these helpful especially if you’re about to be a college freshman and you have no clue what to pack or expect! If you have any other college related questions send them my way and I’d love to answer them for you!


Emily Elizabeth

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