Fashion Finds Under $20

Recently, I went shopping and found some really awesome deals on clothes that are trending right now and I’m pretty pumped about it! I thought it would be fun to show you guys all the good deals I got to maybe give you guys some style inspiration or just a more casual blog post with more pictures!

First, I went to Herberger’s and I wanted to go there because they are going out of business and I figured there would be some good deals! I definitely had my work cut out for me because things were so packed in there but my finds were for sure worth it!

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So, first off I loved this shirt because it had the cut out in the chest and then it had such pretty detailing. It also helped that it was only $15 and was originally $50 so hello it’s a no brainer. I tried it on just to make sure it looked good and GIRL this type of shirt literally flatters every single body type. I can’t wait to wear this one!

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Now, you may notice a trend here I love the chest cut out and mostly because I think it flatters me best but besides that, I also love soft sweaters! I’ve literally been eyeing a sweater similar to this at TJMAXX for $25 but just couldn’t get myself to buy it and girl I’m so glad I didn’t. This top was originally $45 but I got it for $8 and I’m still squealing about it.

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Okay guys, if you read my blog post about the fashion trends I’m loving you would have read that I’m digging ruffles and I got the cutest ruffle detailed shirt! It was originally $29 which not that bad but your girl got it for $9 and I gotta say I love the shirt even more because of it. I loved this one specifically too because it is neutral in color which I love because I can wear it with so many pieces.

Secondly, I went to Saver’s which is my absolute favorite thrift store in the world. Like you can’t go there and not find a single thing you need. I scored BIG there too!

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This skirt stole my heart from the first look but after I put it on I was sold. It was so dang comfortable, was long enough to be professional, and fit like a glove. I looked down in horror as I realized there was no button but then I remembered I could easily sew one on but there was no way I was going to pay full price for a product that isn’t how it should be. I talked the manager into giving the $12 skirt to me for 99 cents. I legit walked away with this adorable piece for under $1. Like yes honey fight for what you believe in.

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I’ve always been keeping my eye out for an olive tie up shirt that has buttons and I was finding some but none that I was willing to pay full price for. I kept my eyes pealed while in Savers and of course found one! It’s so dang soft and I love that I can tie it if I choose but also leave it if I want to. I got this shirt for $2 which I’m totally okay with! Much better than the price I had seen for similar shirts which was around $34.

Next, I went to Clothes Mentor because I had heard they had quite a few great pieces and I was so in the mood to dig and find some great steals! I didn’t find a ton of things but the things I did find were so cute!

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I’ve been looking for more comfortable but professional looking pants but not spending an arm and a leg for it. I found these cute green patterned pants and once I put them on I realized how dang comfortable they were too! I love the olive color because you can wear so many different colors with it and to me that makes it worth every single penny which wasn’t many at only $8.

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I found this cute piece just before I went to the register and I’m so glad I found it. I’m also a sucker for cardigans and kimonos and I kind of felt like this piece mixed the look of both of them. It has so many pale, pretty colors and it’s put on a black solid color which is even better because, hello, you can pair it with anything! That’s honestly the best thing ever. Now this was a little more expensive at $14 but honestly I wear them so much and it’s versatile enough to be able to wear during any season or trend.

Now, some of my most favorite pieces I got were from Marshalls and dang I’m drooling over these!

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First of all, this baby has ruffles, the peplum style, and pastel colors! It’s one of the most flattering tops I’ve ever seen and I actually wore it the first day after my shopping day! I got it for $14.99 and it’s a little higher in price but totally worth it. It also has these cute ties in the back which brings such a delicate look to it.

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I know, I know you’re like Emily can you quit with the tie tops already? My answer is, no, no I can’t! They are just so darn flattering and cute! The colors on this top are so contrasting and great together and look great with my skin tone. The buttons on this top are so girly and fun that it just brings this top to a next level! This one was only $12.99 and truly worth it!

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I’ve been searching for the perfect flirty, white top to add a little daintiness to my wardrobe and when I saw this one I died! It was only $14.99 and it has the prettiest detailing, balloon sleeves, and a cute bow in the back to wrap it all up! I mean truly, the cutest top ever and can complete any look whatsoever.

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Now this is the most expensive piece at $20 but honestly no regrets over here! It was from a new store in the mall called Dry Goods and it is so cute! I got this ruffled, tied shorts that is so flirty and neutral and encompasses everything I love in a piece of clothing. I’m a sucker for these types of bottoms because they are so dang comfy but make you look so put together and who doesn’t love that?!

That was all of my great finds from this weekend! I am someone who doesn’t like to pay full price for items just because I don’t like to spend my money that I’ve worked so hard for. Plus, if you just WAIT you usually can get what you wanted on sale at some point it just takes a little patience and fate. I hope you found this blog post fun & let me know if you like any of my items! Or if you see them in an Instagram pic say you came from the blog!


Emily Elizabeth

18 thoughts on “Fashion Finds Under $20

  1. That floral kimono is so eye-catching — I love the floral print trend for spring and summer. Plus, it’s a great staple to have in your wardrobe to add a little something extra to a casual outfit or to top off a fancy night out.

    Great picks! x



  2. Emily, all your blog posts are so uplifting and enjoyable to read!! I knew your love for Savers was big and now I know why😍


  3. I’ve been looking for something really similar to those green patterned pants. Something comfy and not that hard to put on especially if I’m in a hurry and can’t be bothered to make an effort to pull my tight pants up by big thighs. Haha. I really like your style by the way.

    Joy to the World


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