Get To Know Me

I realized that I’ve been blogging for awhile but some of my readers may not actually really know me! I thought I would do a quick blog post where I tell you a little bit about myself so you can get to know the blogger behind the posts you’re reading!

#1: I’m really sensitive. It’s gotten a lot better since high school because I’ve grown as a person and learned how to react to different situations. But, I am still sensitive to situations, words, and actions from people especially when I am close to them. For some reason, it just hurts my feelings a little more than the normal person. I tend to cry in a lot of situations whether I’m sad, angry, hurt, or happy. I really just can’t help it!

#2: I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m such a sucker for the love songs, the “happy ever after” movies, and the love stories. I still haven’t had any luck in the romance department but hey I’m still hoping! There is just something about knowing that there is a perfect someone out there for you. Someone who just fits just right in your heart and you live in happiness forever. Obviously, there is the hard parts and stuff but the other happy parts just make it so worth it.

#3: I LOVE my family. Sometimes they really get on my nerves and I never thought I would be the girl who always wanted to visit home on the weekends over parties and shopping but I am. I realized there is just something about being home with people you love and who love you. They are brutally honest with you and make sure you aren’t living a life that isn’t in your purpose.

#4: I’m actually pretty weird. Ask my friends and family, sometimes I just have the most odd sense of humor but it’s okay because my friends do too! I find the weirdest things funny, I make inappropriate jokes, and not a lot of people think it’s as funny as I do.

#5: I love YouTube videos. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure. I love the beauty videos, the routine videos, and vlog style videos. Especially, when I find people who are so relatable and inspiring. I usually have a handful of YouTubers that I enjoy watching and can’t wait to get a new video in my subscription box!

#6: I really LOVE my friends. I have found some of the best friends over the last few years and become closer with friends that I’ve had forever. They would do anything for me, are there for me whenever I need them, and show me so much love that I probably can never repay! Some of them have made me a more confident person, have expanded my values and interests, and put me in my place when I’ve needed it. I’m so dang lucky for the friends I have and this is a reminder to give your friends a little extra love today!

#7: I’m such a creative. I love trying new things or creating things and I suppose that’s why I chose the major I did. I love writing, drawing, and reading and basically everything under the “creative” topic.

#8: I can’t stick to a habit to save my soul. No matter how bad I want to keep to a diet, workout routine, morning routine, or so on I literally ALWAYS quit it sometime. It really sucks and if you have any tips on how to keep one please let me know!

#9: I’m really open minded. I accept anything and will basically try anything before deciding I like it or not. I don’t really think anything is “weird” or not “normal” because everyone has different lives and who are we to judge? People probably think your actions and lives are weird too so hey, why don’t we all just support each other!

#10: I looooooove spaghetti & country music. If there are two things I love most it’s these two things. I could literally eat spaghetti every single day of my life and each preset station on my car is a country music station. I think it’s because most of them have a story and they are so relatable to so many different situations and people. If you ever wanted to win me over, take note of these two things! AND coffee mugs!

Obviously, I can’t write more than this cause that would be obnoxious and nobody would read the whole thing! So, I just wanted to list the biggest parts of my personality and what you would notice after meeting me! If you have any questions just shoot them my way!


Emily Elizabeth

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