Top 5: Netflix/Hulu Shows

I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting on Facebook and Twitter asking for new tv show suggestions and I thought it would be fun to write about my favorite ones! Now I put in my title Netflix/Hulu shows because some shows were on Netflix but no longer are but can be found on Hulu still. I thought this was the perfect time to write about it too because it’s summer! People tend to have a little more time on their hands to watch a couple episodes a day to keep them occupied. So, here we go!

Show 1: Friends

  • Okay, this is for sure my all time favorite show to watch. I have seen the whole thing about 3 times which is a lot considering the insane amount of seasons it has. But this is a show that’s only 20 minutes and length and is funny without requiring a lot of thinking. Also, each character is so fun in their own way that each time I watch it I feel like I become even closer of friends with them. I also think it relates to a lot of situations in people’s real lives which makes it even better to watch.

Show 2: Grey’s Anatomy

  • I know there is such a hype about this show but I honestly believe it’s for good reason. I love every single character and I have just gotten so invested in this show! It’s fun to begin with some of these characters and see where they are at this point in the show years later (in the show technically). I also like that it has a lot of seasons because it sucks when you find a show you like and it only has 1 season, like really? I think all the characters work so well together but also are so different from each other that you are sure to find someone who best relates to you. You just have to hope they don’t die because that’s pretty likely in that show!

Show 3: Criminal Minds

  • I am such a sucker for crime shows like this. It makes my mind think in such a different way than it normally does. Sometimes I have to be careful because it can make me really paranoid in real life but I still love it! Also, there is something about each one of the cast members that I just love so dearly. If you like mystery or thrillers, try this one!

Show 4: Gilmore Girls

  • I feel like you can tell a theme in my list here – I love shows that have a bigger cast that you can just easily find yourself in. But I also love that this one really brings through the journey of growing up, dealing with relationships, parents, and school. It’s fun to kind of see your life in a tv show! There are so many quirky characters in this show that you really can’t help but smile.

Show 5: One Tree Hill

  • I feel like you hear so many people talking about this show too but it’s truly AMAZING. I was suuuuucked into this one. I started it during the summer and finished it right before school started which is embarrassing considering it’s large amount of seasons. But again, the cast has so many great actors that you watch grow and go through experiences similar to life and you just find yourself truly connecting with them. Obviously, the hot guys in this show really don’t hurt either!

Hopefully you find something to watch from this list or it rekindles your love for one and you decide to watch it again. I spend a lot of time watching tv shows but I just love putting myself in other people’s shoes and getting so connected with characters. Maybe you don’t watch a lot of tv but you want to start slowly watching a few and hopefully you find one you love here! Comment some of your favorite shows!


Emily Elizabeth

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