Fashion Trends I’m Loving Right Now

I was thinking of what type of blog post I should do and I was really gravitated towards fashion trends I’m liking right now! There is so many cute trends going on right now and it’s taking all of me to not buy all of them in all kinds of colors! So here goes!

#1: Tied Fitted Pants 


I am living for pants like these!! Literally, any color or pattern I am dying to own them all! I just love how they singe at the waist and make you look a little thinner in places you want but emphasize parts you do want! Another thing I love about pants like this is most of the time they are SO dang comfy and who doesn’t love that?! But also, you can dress them up or dress them down with such minimal effort. So, win-win situation if you ask me.

#2: Ruffled Top & Ripped Skinnies


I love the way a dainty and girly ruffled top looks with the edgy look of ripped skinny jeans. It just works so well together and brings the best out of each piece. I think it looks good on any body type which is also a big thing for me! I hate when some trends only look good on a certain body type, I just don’t think that’s fair!

#3 Dainty Button-Up Dress


Now this one I am LOVING. But the only problem is because I am shorter, bigger chest, and not that thin I am not about to pull this look off! But, that’s okay because I can admire from afar on other beautiful humans! I just love how girly but simple this look is and it’s great because you don’t have to try very hard! Just slip the dress on and you go!

#4: Graphic Tee Outfits


I’ve always been someone who styled their plain basic tees with different things to create  super fun outfits but I have noticed that recently this is really coming into play! I live for them tucked into skirts or skinny jeans or paired with a blazer or flannel. I mean honestly the possibilities are so endless and most of the time basic tees are fairly reasonably priced compared to a lot of other pieces.

#5: Tied Tops


For some reason I have seen these types of shirts EVERYWHERE lately and I just die every single time. Like how dang cute? You again can pair this with so many different types of bottoms or pairings with cardigans and blazers! I would pair this with ripped skinnies and some dainty jewelry! The best part is this could be moved into fall and winter wearing some booties. I just looove this.

#6: Jumpsuits (especially with a tie in the midsection) 


Again, this trend probably isn’t the best for my body type but every single time I see it on someone else I just drool. Like how damn cute? So effortlessly adorable and so easy to put together! Makes you look like you’re really elegant and tried hard but it was just one piece you put on.

There they are! I thought this was a good easy post for you guys to read some minimal writing and see a lot of pictures! I know that not everyone likes to read and most of my posts are very lengthy with no pictures! Comment some fashion trends you’re loving right now I would love some more inspiration!


Emily Elizabeth

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