Top 5: Ways to have a better morning

I used to be so negative when it came to mornings but this last year I really learned to appreciate that beginning part of the day. Now, I love that each morning brings something new and it allows for you to start fresh. What is more beautiful than that really? With starting to learn how to love mornings, I’ve accumulated different tips and tricks to fully use your time in the morning and wake up feeling positive and productive.

  1. Prepare the Night Before
  • I think this is something everyone thinks, “oh yeah, this is helpful” or “I should do this” then never actually do it. If people did, they would probably never be late and never forget things! I’ve come to appreciate this and fully use this to make sure a better and less hectic morning. I usually set my clothes out, pack my backpack, and make sure everything that needs to be done for school is done. To make sure of that, I usually check my planner right before bed or take a quick glance at my class’s syllabus.

2. Start Your Day With Something POSITIVE

  • There is so many different things that this could entail but for me it’s usually a page or two in my devotional or an uplifting podcast. I learned that this is an absolute essential because I find that so often we can become angry, irritated, and annoyed by little things in the morning and instead of letting that happen we can prevent that by filling our mornings with love, positivity, and creativity. This sets you up for an overall amazing day.

3. Establish a Routine 

  • A routine is helpful in a lot of ways because it can save time and promote motivation. I noticed that when I really nailed down my routine I found it easier to go through the motions and get things done quicker because you are so used to doing them! Plus, if you’re up early in the morning you don’t want to be thinking really hard about every next thing you’re going to do.

4. Take a Little Time For You

  • This also can be anything just as long as it’s getting you in the right mindset and making your soul happy. I find that taking a little extra time in the morning to either meditate, cook my breakfast, stretching, or watch a video really puts me in a good place. Also, our society is so busy and fast paced that sometimes we forget to do things for ourselves! I think giving ourself some self-love is so very important. A bonus is that this part helps you get excited about waking up and starting your day!

5.  Hydrate THEN Caffeinate

  • I used to laugh at this because I always look forward to my cup of coffee but I figured out that drinking a glass of water before my coffee does actually make me feel better. Your body hasn’t had anything to drink for almost 8 hours!! Water actually makes me feel more awake than the coffee does sometimes and that cup of coffee is motivation enough for me to chug that cup of water!

Hopefully these tips help you have a better morning and MAYBE it will even make you start to enjoy mornings! Comment down below what is a staple in your morning routine!


Emily Elizabeth

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