Skincare Routine

I don’t know about you but I’ve struggled with acne almost my entire life. I actually started seeing pimple in about the 5th grade which is CRAZY! All of my friends didn’t have a care in the world but here I was insecure as ever and hating every minute of being out in public. I had tried so many things to help calm my acne but it never seemed to truly work. The hardest part was that my type of acne kept changing! I first started with a ton of pimples all over, then my blackheads became out of control, then I started seeing scarring and a ton of redness. The scarring and redness I have to say was the worst of all though because no matter what, I could never seem to cover it up! The more I tried to cover it up, the more irritated and inflamed my skin became. I honestly wanted to give up. BUT thanks to NVOG laser genesis treatments, my acne became way less severe and I kept it at that very mild stage with a skincare regimen full of great products.

Step 1: Micro-Dermabrasion Paste from Rodan + Fields.

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I only use this once or twice a week because my skin would become very irritated if I used it more than that! But basically I love this because it helps me get rid of dead skin and helps even my skin tone. This is perfect for me because of my scarring and redness! It also smells good! It kind of has a clean and lemony scent to it!

Step 2: Younique Royalty Detoxifying Mask

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I LOVE THIS STUFF. Basically, it’s a bamboo charcoal mask that absorbs toxins and impurities while it foams! It’s super cool! It removes dead skin cells while introducing tree oils and vitamins into your skin. But also, how cute is this packaging? It always makes me feel so pampered!




Step 3: African Black Soap

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I actually heard of African black soap from a family friend who had similar acne problems as me so I decided to give it a try! This stuff is so natural and includes so many great ingredients for your skin. It has oats which helps soothe irritated skin and absorb excess oil, aloe for moisturization and calming inflamed skin, Shea Butter for hydration, and Vitamin E for protection. This stuff feels so amazing on my skin and it never is too much! I use it twice a day and it always leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished.

Step 4: Witch Hazel Toner

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I am attracted to anything that includes rose ingredients because it is so good for red and uneven skin! But this stuff does so much more than just that. It is natural, which again is great, and helps tighten pores, smooth skin, and refreshes. This stuff also smells heavenly which is just a bonus!

Step 5: Vivier Serum 10

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I actually got this from the place that did my laser genesis  treatments. This stuff is gold in a bottle! It helps stimulate collagens and reduce the signs of aging. It also helps restore a radiant complexion, even skin tone, and decreases the signs of lines, wrinkles, and textured skin.

Step 6: Rosewater Spray

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Younique: $29 Pearlessence: $2.99









I go back and forth between these two brands of rosewater! The Younique one is more pricey but I do feel like it has a bit more benefits and quality than the TJMAXX Pearlessence one. For Younique, the rose extract,  antioxidants, and vitamins help my skin feel refreshed, calm, and soothed. Again, rose ingredients are a must for me! The TJMAXX version is a little less good quality but is perfect for a pick me up throughout the day or to just calm the skin quickly!

Step 7: Moisturizer (CeraVe + Rodan & Fields Hydrating Serum)

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I’ve used CeraVe products before and they were okay, better for skin that’s very sensitive, but my skin needed more. But, this product did it’s job for sure. So far, this is the best moisturizer I have ever used. You can feel it absorbing into your skin and it leaves you feeling so hydrated but not oily at all which is also a must for me.

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I usually include two or three drops of this pure magic into my moisturizer a few times a week especially during the colder months! This stuff makes your skin SO hydrated and smooth. Whenever I feel like the weather is making my skin dry or irritated I use this and BAM I’m back to normal! I don’t think I could love this stuff any more than I do. This really would work well for anyone and all skin types. Magic in a bottle people I’m telling you!

Step 8: Eyelash Serum (Younique + Rodan & Fields)

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R + F: $150 – cheaper with bulk purchase Youique: $26









I try to use this every. single. day. because your girl has some seriously short lashes and I won’t stop until they are full and luscious! You might even think using two kinds is a bit ridiculous and you might be right but I’m still going to do it anyway! Both of these work really well and last so long! Worth every penny. I’ve noticed I don’t need to use as much mascara AND I don’t have to curl them anymore. YES GIRL.

This might seem like a lot of steps but in reality I only use a few of them every day! But also, skincare is important and should include various vitamins, ingredients, and antioxidants because your skin is so complex. You have to make sure you are treating every part of it! Also, I understand some of these products seem very expensive and they can be! But a lot of the times I purchased them when there was a huge deal going on making them much less expensive. Also, note these products last you a LONG time. You will get your money’s worth!

If you would like to purchase any of these items I have included their prices and location of purchase in their captions! But for purchasing:

  • Rodan + Fields: Contact kenziesyverson on Instagram. She is a seller for them and does a great job! She’s always willing to discuss the benefits and uses for the products and usually includes tons of videos and pictures of her using them on her Instagram!
  • Younique: Contact Emilee Luehring on Facebook. She is a sales rep for them and is amazing! I have worked with her for some time and my products are always here on time and she is always helpful if there is difficulty during the buying process. She has also used their products for awhile now so can give you really good personal advice on each product.


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