Top 5: Things To Finally Get Done This Summer

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably pushed a lot of tasks on the back burner because of school, work, or other responsibilities and now you may have a little more free time or less stress because of summer season being here. I think that a lot of times when we finally have a little more time on our hands and a little less stress on our plate we kind of become too greedy for that peaceful time but then we just become LESS productive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% on board for just relaxing and having some “me” time but I am also a big advocate for getting things done and crossing those tasks of the list. Since summer has been here for a couple weeks for the college students and it is soon approaching for the high school kids and staff that I thought it was a good idea to blog about this topic to remind you to keep the momentum and get those things DONE.

  1. Roll up your sleeves and get cleaning!
    • there really is no better time to do your cleaning then in the spring! I find that a lot of people are more willing to detach from “things” and really get ride of stuff to create more space. I really believe that simplifying your space is such a great idea for so many reasons! It helps your mind become less cluttered and allows you to be more productive. So, put on some tunes, a binge-worthy show, or a killer podcast in the background and start throwing!
      • *keep in mind donating your unwanted things is much better than throwing them away as there is so many people in the world who could use your unwanted things! Do a quick google search and find some local donation centers to bring your things to!
  2. Take time to reflect on things you want to get better at and DO IT.
    • I think so many of us tend to push these type of things in the back of our minds because other acute responsibilities are in our way but the skills that need strengthening are just as important! How can you be better if you don’t take the time to be? Doing this doesn’t have to be hard, read a book, watch a YouTube video, or take up a class to strengthen a certain skill! There are so many resources out there so take advantage of it.
  3. Make and save as much money as possible
    • For me, I know that during school it’s a little easier to spend money on things and harder to actually keep that money in your bank account. So, when summer comes around I usually try to work as much as I can and limit my spendings to create the highest profits! Obviously, things are different for everyone but I think just having this in the back of your mind even helps a little bit! It reminds you to maybe skip that morning coffee or use ingredients that are already in your fridge rather than eating out.
  4. Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for awhile but just kept pushing it off
    • This can be a fun thing or maybe that thing you’ve been dreading doing. For me, my fun tasks were to enhance my blog website, create more content for Instagram, work with more brands, and get better at taking pictures. This stuff was really hard for me to do when I was in school and working part-time because I couldn’t give it my best effort because my efforts were spread between so many different tasks. But, for some people this thing could be fixing that leaky pipe in the bathroom or pressure washing the garage. Whatever your task is, DO IT!
  5. Get HEALTHY!
    • Notice, I am not saying lose a bunch of weight or constantly worry about what you’re eating. All I mean is, since you will have maybe a little bit more time on your hands, trying to create healthy habits would be a good idea! This can be like taking a 30 minute walk in the morning or night, carving a little extra time to cut up some vegetables and fruit, or extending your lunch/dinner to allow yourself more time to eat your food slower and let your body feel full. Often, our society is too busy going onto the next thing that we forget to enjoy our food and really let our body fuel from the nutrients they give us!

Obviously, there are so many other things that may be at the top of your list but this is a good portion of things that I think people often let slip through the cracks! If anything, I hope this blog post reminds you of those things you want to do and get done this summer and gives you the motivation to actually get it done! I suggest after reading this to take out a pen and paper and list everything you really want to get done this summer. This allows your brain to stop working so hard by storing all of this information and gives yourself a confidence boost when you get to check off that task!

*I also say have fun! If you just got back from college, don’t forget to have fun and pamper yourself. You just spent months working your butt off and probably losing a lot of sleep! So, enjoy yourself but also be productive. There is plenty of time for both!


Emily Elizabeth

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