Roaming Through Fashion

I’ve always loved the mountains and trees and anything that had them on it! It reminds me of feeling free and content and it really doesn’t get much better than that. So, I was so dang excited when Roam United reached out to me and showed me some of their designs  and I found lots of trees and mountains in them! You can bet I didn’t waste any time placing an order! But, when I received my shirt I was more than just “pleased”. This post is sponsored by Roam United. All opinions are my own.

Roam United describes themselves as a grassroots brand for the adventure seeking travelers! One cool thing about their brand is they donate to the Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Herd monthly and I think that’s pretty cool!

When I got in touch with the store, I talked to Scarlette, one of the owner’s wife! She was so unbelievably kind and helpful. I have never received such great customer service in my life! When my order shipped and was delivered, I received an email from the company asking me how I liked my new item and so on and I thought that was a really nice touch! Not many brands can say they check up on their customers and I think that gives them such an edge!

When I received my shirt I was blown away by it’s detail, feel, and quality. For the price, I wasn’t sure if my shirt may be made out of a rougher material or if it would shrink really easy. The items are priced so reasonably that I kind of judged whether or not they would really deliver but boy was I wrong!


The quality of the top is extremely high due to it’s stretchability and stitching. I was a little worried about sizing because sometimes t-shirt sizing can be all over the place but this shirt fit PERFECTLY. Honestly, I think even if I sized down or sized up it would have fit fine just because of how stretchy it is!

The material this shirt is made of is SOMETHING ELSE! I have honestly never felt anything softer in my life. I love this because I still get to wear a cute shirt but feel like I’m wearing my pajamas and that’s a win any day in my book. I ordered a colored shirt and that also made me a little nervous as a lot of item’s color looks different online and in real life! But I was pleasantly surprised with how similar the colors looked and how pretty it was in person!

The shirt I picked had some detail on the front and I LOVE that! It has trees all over the front that make the shirt really pop and just remind me of how happy the mountains and trees make me! Sometimes, when so much detail gets put on it can kind of get lost but this shirt’s details all work together perfectly!

If you ever need a nice comfy, outdoorsy, and midwestern style shirt, check Roam United for sure! But also, if you’re a Bison lover you would love their designs as well because they have many tees with bisons on them! You won’t be disappointed! I have a discount code to offer you all as well! Use emNDSU for 10% off your purchase! Tag me in pictures of your purchase, I would love to see them!

Instagram: shop_roamunited



Emily Elizabeth

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