Fashion on a Budget

I’ve always been really frugal with my money but when I got to college I became especially hesitant when spending my money. But this can be very difficult when you’re so into fashion and wearing cute clothes. Over the years I’ve become really good at finding that sweet price that I am more than willing to pay for a top, cardigan, or shoes and I thought I would share them with you all!

  1. Always head straight to the clearance rack. 

This one is important because if you aren’t wanting to spend $40 on a top, don’t look at the tops that cost that much! You won’t be tempted if you don’t look at them. When you immediately start at the clearance rack you are shown options that are more around your budget. Sometimes, you may be disappointed by the options but other times you may hit the jackpot!

2. Hit the thrift stores.

I know some people are really against thrift shopping for many reasons but I have ALWAYS loved it. Like who doesn’t love getting super cute items for more than a fraction of the price and all you have to do is wash it? Most of the time you can find items with the tags still on it and that always means a good shopping day for me! Now, one thing to remember when thrifting is to DIG. You really have to look through all of the clothing items to make sure you find your perfect pieces.

3. If you love something that’s full priced, WAIT. 

This is one that took me a really long time to really perfect. Most of the time if you love something at a store it won’t be long before it’s put on the clearance rack. I have found so many of my pieces on the clearance rack when just a few short weeks ago I was drooling over it on the mannequin. This way, you get something you really want AND you don’t pay full price!

4. Price match

I know some stores will actually price match with other stores which is SUPER awesome. Scheels does this and they are always so helpful with it. Even if a store doesn’t do this, you can still price match on your own. Check different stores or online vendors to make sure you aren’t buying something completely overpriced if you don’t have to!

5. Coupons, COUPONS

I use the app, RetailMeNot, to find coupons for all kinds of different stores! You can also find some of these coupons by just googling it! Spending five minutes finding a coupon is well worth saving $5 or more dollars on something! Over time, you’ll eventually become better at it and know of specific sites to search first!


Some of the pieces in the pictures above are prime example of me using some of my tips above to score something for CHEAP. ⇟⇟

Left: I actually scored this dress at a Family Dollar. Can you believe that?! This dress is so so soft and comfy too! I just paired it with a belt to give me some shape and some cute booties! The dress was only $5!

Top Right: The floral shirt is from American Eagle and I swiped it from the clearance rack! I got it for $10 and it was originally $34! My cardigan is from The Tattered Attic, a local boutique, that I got for 75% off! Originally $26.99 and I scored it for $7! My favorite score from that outfit though is my boots! They are from Herberger’s and I got them for $14 and they were originally over $80! Yes please!

Bottom Right: My shirt is actually from K-mart for $3 and I just cut the v by myself! Super easy and fun to pair with anything! My camo flannel is actually from Walmart for $10! I was super impressed with the quality and price of it considering many other retail stores were asking $40 or more for something similar! No thanks!

So, those are a few of my tips and tricks and hopefully they help you AND your bank account out.


Emily Elizabeth

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