2018 Goals

I know it’s almost May and you’re like, why are you talking about your 2018 goals? That should have been done in January! But honestly that’s the point! We are almost halfway through the year and it’s always a good idea to check in with yourself and your goals. Are you on the path to accomplishing these goals? Have you achieved any of the goals? Are you doing things daily that will bring you to the completion to those goals? So, this blog post is to remind you of your New Year’s resolutions and put myslef on the spot to really analyze my progress on my goals!

Here are my 2018 goals:

  1. floss every day
    • I actually went a couple months doing this but I honestly have not been very good at it lately. I don’t know about you but I HATE flossing and I truly just forget to. This is a good reminder to get my butt in gear and practice some good ole oral hygiene.
  2. face mask once a week
    • I usually do this just because it is a part of my self-care routine! Some weeks I do forget to do it though! So, looks like I need to pamper myself a little more!
  3. eat healthier – be mindful of what you’re eating
    • Eating healthy is something I have always struggled with. I just love food so dang much! Although, this goal hasn’t been my most successful I do try to include vegetables and fruit in every meal!
  4. workout at least 3 times a week
    • This one makes me laugh a little just because I always fall off the bandwagon on this goal. I did do well for a couple months attending a morning workout class twice a week at 6 a.m. I quit attending but I try to walk a lot during the day so that’s something right? Yep, this one needs to be focused on a little more.
  5. get involved with organizations
    • Even though college and work can be extremely overwhelming I thought it was really important to get involved in some organizations. It looks good on a resume, helps you network, and make new friends with common interests! I did get into PRSSA and am looking into becoming their secretary for the upcoming school year! I will also be getting involved in a new club coming next fall! So, I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this one.
  6. read a book 10 minutes a day
    • This goal is a hit or miss for me. Some days I can read quite a bit and have time or desire to but other days I just can’t get myself to do it because I have already spent my day reading textbooks or notes that I am just tired of reading. I think this summer will definitely help me achieve this goal more!
  7. have Bible time at least once a week
    • Yep, another failed goal. I started out really well with this because I actually started a Facebook Bible Study group but people started slowly posting less and participating less and it kind of discouraged me. There was no accountability! I do like reading the Bible but I like talking to people about it more or reading it with someone else. I feel like I learn a lot more!
  8. try something new
    • I am someone who is fearful of trying new things because I don’t want to fail or be embarrassed. I have attended new events and done new things already this year despite of that so i’m nailing this goal!
  9. make more REAL friends
    • I think everyone understands the difference between people they know or talk to every once in awhile and people they truly admire and enjoy the company of. I wanted to find more deep and real friendships and I have found a few! I’m really glad a lot of my classes required group projects constantly!
  10. save money – keep change
    • It’s so easy to just spend all the money that goes in your bank account but I wanted to try and spend as least as possible! I have been saving all of my change and buying less things but I still try to treat myself because I deserve nice things!
  11. become a morning person
    • This goal is probably the one with the most progress. I wake up every morning at 7 a.m. regardless of what time I have something (besides weekends). I have found that as long as I get enough sleep during the night I am so excited to wake up and drink my coffee the next day! There is just something about a new day that makes it easy to get up early.
  12. balance life and school
    • This one I struggle with all of the time because I am constantly trying to get the best grades but then my personal life and fun gets put on the back burner. I feel a lot happier with how I have done with this goal but there is still so much farther to go!
  13. skip no more work days
    • WOOHOO! I actually don’t think I have missed a single work day this semester! Which also helps me achieve my saving money goal by providing me with more money to save! Thank goodness I love my jobs though!
  14. post on lifestyle blog weekly
    • I have also achieved this goal every week! It is super easy to though because I truly truly enjoy it. I love writing and I love being able to help anyone who needs it on any given topic! I just hope my readers are enjoying it too!
  15. create a successful Instagram 
    • I’ve been really focusing on my theme for my feed and providing good content for me and my followers. I just am really passionate about this right now and am hoping to become a successful influencer and brand ambassador! I hope to keep achieving little goals within this big one over the year!

These are all of my 2018 goals! I hope you reading this reminds you of your goals and where you’re at with the completion of them. I would love to hear some of your 2018 goals in the comments below! Lets hold each other accountable!


Emily Elizabeth

4 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. These are such good goals! I need to start the reading one myself. I’ve been stuck on the same book for 3 months because I keep forgetting where I was and starting over. Keep us posted about what you achieve ❤️


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