Top 5: Self-care Ideas

When I did a vote on Instagram I was really excited when so many people chose “self-care” as the next blog post topic! Self-care is something I have always enjoyed and have come to realize is extremely important for overall physical and mental health. I know so many of us tend to give and give to others and often forget that we ourselves need to be taken care of.

I include different self-care strategies throughout my day, week, and month to help myself relax, rejuvenate, and get back to 100%. Whether you are a full-time college student struggling to balance your school and life, a busy mom trying to take care of way more people than yourself, or a full-time employee that finds it difficult to separate home and work, these ideas should help you! Remember, these are things I have found to be most helpful but there are MANY other ideas out there that may work better for you!

  1. Meditation

I know, I know you’re thinking really? Sitting on the floor with my legs crossed humming weird sounds? I’m telling you NO! There is so much more to meditation practice than that and once you find how it works for you, you’ll be hooked. Meditation can be laying down and resting for a couple of minutes trying to make your brain just stop thinking. It can be sitting at your office chair being still and focusing on your breathing. It can also be sitting on your bedroom floor with your legs crossed and focusing on the ground beneath you. Personally, I like to use a meditation app to guide my meditation to keep me focused and intentional. My favorite apps are Breathe and Insight Timer because they give you a variety of different meditations for different feelings you’re having and multiple different time durations to best suit your needs. I try to practice meditation when I find myself anxious, overwhelmed, or angry because it brings me back to the present and helps me find my gratitude.

2. Do Something You Truly Enjoy For You

This might seem a little dumb but I think in people’s lives that tend to be extremely busy and have a sole purpose of tending to others there can be a really difficult time remembering to do things enjoyable. For me, I like to write on my blog, watch Netflix or Youtube, read blogs, read a good book, email potential brands, scroll through Pinterest, and shopping. All of these things are things I like to do but don’t necessarily always have the time to do and if I don’t carve out a little time here and there for them, they would get lost in the chaos. This one is important because the things you truly enjoy doing are what make your soul happy and truly rejuvenate you from constantly doing things that make you stressed or unhappy.

3. Call a Friend or Loved One and TALK

This is probably one of my most used and favorite self-care activity. For being such a social person, if I am doing something alone for too long I become irritated, lonely, and sad. It can really put me in a funk if I don’t have someone to talk to on a regular basis and I think we often think that texting or snapchatting someone all day but never really talking about anything is being social but it’s not. I want deep, real conversation with someone with mutual respect, love, and sincerity. You would be amazed how amazing you feel after really talking to someone and it might bring up things you didn’t even know you were bothered or worried by. I also truly believe that we have different people in our lives for different purposes so pinpoint how you are feeling at a certain time and determine who would be the best person to chat with who would best resonate with you.

4. Pamper Yourself

I don’t necessarily mean you have to buy yourself a night in an insanely expensive luxury hotel but definitely show yourself some love. I like to do a face mask, shave my legs, and treat myself to my more expensive oils and serums! Obviously, each one of us finds luxury in different things but those are a few of mine! I also like to do my nails or get them done because who doesn’t feel better after that?! I also like to get a massage every once in awhile to get my body back to a physically healthy state that doesn’t involve a ton of knots and kinks! Whatever makes you feel like a celebrity, do it!

5. Jam Sessions

I always feel so much better after a jam session whether that be with friends, in my car, or in my bedroom. Turning on good music and just letting loose is easily one of the simplest ways to let go of all the stress and anxiety life gives. Honestly, I was playing the air guitar so intensely that I missed my exit one time while I was driving home and I have never felt more happy in my life. Obviously, dancing or singing isn’t for everyone but if you really enjoy street dances or dances in general try this one out next time! There is always a song that resonates with your mood too so that always helps! If you don’t find the fun in dancing by yourself, call up a couple fun friends and get the party started!

I know that these might not be things you like to do or maybe these just don’t work for you – don’t worry! I will link a couple of websites with even more ideas that will hopefully work for you. Don’t give up if right away some of these activities don’t work, you’ll find one and when you do your life will be much better from it!

274 Self-Care Ideas (and Activities) for Coping With Life

101 Self-Care Activities 


Emily Elizabeth

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