Top 5: Podcasts

Podcasts are something that I have recently gotten into and I can’t ever imagine going back to not listening to them now! If you don’t know, a podcast is an episodic digital audio that you can listen to wherever through your phone or computer. I use the “Podcasts” app that is already on my iPhone but I also know that they are available on Spotify!

It’s super awesome because you can browse different podcasts using the categories or top charts and then when you find one you like you can hit subscribe and after your phone has connected to WiFi, it will download all of the episodes that way you can listen to them without using data! I usually listen to podcasts when i’m walking to and from classes, making lunch or dinner, riding the bus, or driving to and from school! So here are the podcasts I’ve been digging lately:

  • Dear Sugar
    • This podcast categorizes in Society & Culture and is hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. They are some of the sweetest people and their voices are just really calming. But basically they read through a lot of letters about many different topics and then discuss them. It’s kind of like a “Ask …” column. I enjoy listening to this because it helps me think about different things and hopefully broaden my perspective. They also bring in different guests periodically to touch on some subjects as well which brings a little different vibe to it.
  • Let It Out
    • This podcast is hosted by Katie Dalebout and she is actually an author as well! She has a book about journaling called Let It Out! I have it and love it. She has various guests on her show and they discuss so many different topics like creativity, self-care, relationships, and more. Some of the episodes are more serious and some are more fun and light! I like this podcast because it really feels like i’m sitting down talking to a friend and that always makes me feel happy.
  • Earn Your Happy
    • This podcast is more of a self-help categorized audio and is hosted by Lori Harder. I love this podcast because Lori has made herself into such a success and has been through so many different things throughout her life. Her podcast’s topics help listeners gain tools to bust through fears, connect to your soul, and help you elevate your life and relationships.
  • Goal Digger 
    • This podcast is about management and marketing tips and tricks in everyday life. I suppose I like this podcast because marketing is my major but honestly it could really help anyone trying to make a name for themselves! Jenna Kutcher runs this podcast and she really helps you dig in and do the work to tackle your biggest goals. This podcast makes me really motivated and I’m actually listening to it as we speak! She is also super into body positivity and having her on my Instagram feed is so refreshing! Look her up!
  • Mind Body Musings 
    • I know I know, another self-help podcast?! I just can’t get enough of them! There is always more ways to better yourself and what better way than to get tips from people who have bettered themselves so much that they are succeeding? The voice of this podcast is from Maddy Moon who is actually a motivational speaker. Her episodes consist of so many different topics like intuition, self-love, mindset growth, body image, eating disorder recovery, freedom, fear, owning an online business and more!

One thing to note about podcasts is that they usually have a little snippet in the beginning for their sponsors and advertisements and these usually last 2-5 minutes. I usually just skip through those and begin listening where the episode actually starts! Each podcast varies in length depending on the complexity of the topic and depth of the conversation. Some episodes are quite lengthy but don’t let that discourage you from listening, you can always begin an episode and pause it till you have more time and begin again! Just look through and find a topic you find interesting and listen! It’s so relaxing to listen to most of the time it can be educational because you are learning something from it.


Emily Elizabeth

8 thoughts on “Top 5: Podcasts

  1. I love the Earn Your Happy podcast! She is so wise and it seems like every episode is relatable and relevant in some way!


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