Study Routine

I did a vote on my Instagram and the vast majority of people wanted me to write about my study routine! I’m more than happy to write about the things that people are needing right now because just as much as this blog is for me it is also for my readers.

Now, before you can even start studying a crucial step is to know that you have a test coming up. People often forget this part and end up cramming the night before because they didn’t know the test was the next day. So to prevent that from happening write out your week every Sunday so you will always be prepared for a test.

Each class kind of requires a different study routine but there are a few steps that I do no matter what.

Step 1: I make sure I have all of the information I need to study. This means, checking to make sure I have all of the lecture notes, clicker question answers, and answers to any study guide questions. If I don’t, I get them from classmates or my teachers.

Step 2: I read through the lecture and notes to make sure that I understand everything. Sometimes during lecture its easy to just write everything the teacher has down but you aren’t actually comprehending it. If there is things I don’t understand I make sure to ask someone to explain it to me. There’s no use studying something you don’t understand.

-Step 1 & 2 are done about a week before the exam is scheduled! This gives me plenty of time to gather my information and study it.

Step 3: This is my most crucial step!!! I transfer all of the material into a Quizlet. This app saves me. I usually type it out on my computer and then study it using my phone during times where I’m not doing anything like waiting for class to begin, riding the bus, or before I go to bed at night.

*Here is a timesaver tip: use your phone to write the cards by using the voice command. Instead of typing it, you just talk and it writes it for you. I only recommend this if you’re in a time crunch. Typing it really is another form of studying it.

Step 4: I start studying my quizlet a little under a week before my exam. I start using the matching game on the app because it allows me to get familiar with the terms, definitions, and concepts. It’s better to start here than doing the tests or flashcards and getting a ton wrong – that is a confidence blower.

Step 5: After I’ve done the matching game a couple times and an easily match things I start using the flashcards. This gives me a chance to talk bigger concepts out and challenge myself because the information and answers are on the back of the card so it really has to come from my knowledge of the material.

*Tip: Have the definition and harder answers on the back of the card. This tests you and will help you really know the material. It’s not hard to remember a single term. It’s difficult to remember a paragraph worth of information.

Step 6: This is when I start using the test option on quizlet. This makes me feel more like I’m actually in the exam and helps me calm some of my nerves. This helps you practice the exam situation multiple times.

Step 7: Note that in between all of these steps I’m usually re-reading the notes and powerpoints. This just helps you get the feel for how the professor words things and it’s just good to refresh.

I’M OFFICIALLY DONE! I also want to note that everyone studies differently and some of this may not work for you. That’s okay! Just try different things and you’ll find the right one. Another important thing, anyone coming into college, it’s taken me almost 2 years to realize that grades aren’t everything. I’ve spent hours being sad about a bad test score when there is NOTHING I can do to change it. You just have to accept it and try harder or do something different next time. Your grades do not define you as a person and I think that’s important to remember.

As important studying is sleep is way more important. Make sure you’re sleeping and studying not just one of those things.

Good luck studying!


Emily Elizabeth

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