Hi loves! This is my first blog post so I kind of thought I should start out by introducing myself and give a brief overview of what I intend my blog to be about. So, please stay awhile and read my first blog post and tell me what you think! Or if you have any suggestions leave them below in the comments!


First off, my name is Emily Elizabeth Avdem! I’m from a really small town with less than 80 people in North Dakota and lived with my loving parents and two younger sisters. I grew up sneaking the fact that I was staying up way passed my bedtime reading books from my mom and counting down the days till the next family gathering. I tried to achieve as much as I could in school and always tried to join as many clubs as I could. I loved being able to be a part of so many things and getting to know so many different people. Even though I lived in a small town I always found fashion and beauty so fascinating even when other people didn’t understand. Despite that, I continued to experiment with styles and push the envelope a little bit.


I’m now 20 years old and attend North Dakota State University and my love for fashion and beauty has only grown because of the freedom to express myself and the inspiration I receive from so many other creative souls in the city. I decided to go out of my comfort zone start a blog to help express all of the things I am passionate about and hopefully inspire other creative people like me! We all should stick together and inspire each other rather than just compete with each other.


Now, I am just starting this blog so I don’t have an exact outline of every blog post so I can’t say my blog WILL be all about this but I do hope to keep a general theme! I hope to post about things ranging from a makeup routine, favorite products, outfit of the days, fashion trends, academic tips, goal setting, life experiences, music playlists, and basically anything else! That’s the best thing about conducting a lifestyle blog is you really have freedom to post about any topic as long as you keep the same vibes throughout otherwise.


I am excited to start this blog and am welcoming ideas and suggestions from anyone. Thanks for reading my first post and hopefully you keep reading onto the next one!



Emily Elizabeth

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